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Lets get ready to rumble….

Its that time, guys. The time where you prove that you know something about Biology. Th etime for you to stand up and be counted…to reach out and touch….

Yeah, its Hammer Time!

Fourth Formers, your midterm test will take the following format:

Section                                  Focus

Multiple Choice                    Nutrition (Feeding) & Symbiotic Relationships

Matching                                 Classification

Structured Questions         Ecology and Nutrient Cycles

Fifth Formers, your mid tern test wil take the following format:

Section                                                   Focus

Multiple Choice                                    Excretion and Food Storage

Fill in the Blanks                                  Transport in Man and Plants

Structured Questions                        Movement

I have added some links to videos that wil help in your revision. All the best!


We are counting down the days of our first month at school. So far, I must say that it has beem an interesting experience. I have learned alot about my students – their goals, their expectations and to some extent their ability. Special mention goes out to the following fifth formers who ACED their first Biology test! CONGRATS guys!!!

Biology Hall of Famers

Shellina Williams                Dennison Nichols                  Shernel Davis*                 Semone Lawrence                  Kimara Burton*

Keep it Up!!!

You have set the bar high for yourself and for others. Keep striving for excellence.

 Biology Achievement Certificates

Well, well, well. After a long summer away from the classroom, sessions formally began today. I must say, I am looking forward to working with my Biology students. I had fun interactive classes with both groups.

My fourth formers were given an assignment to write up a short essay on their expectations for the year, to include their reasons for choosing Biology in the first place. I am particularly looking forward to reading Nery’s essay…

In fifth form we did a brief review of fourth form and started of the term officially with the Transport System. Apart from reading up on the human circulatory system, I am sending out the e-challenge for any and everyone to hand in a diagram of the human heart. Your own drawing, please…

Today we are adding videos and widgets to our website.

I choose to add this cool video about the cell. I like it because it shows the connection between the organism, organ, tissue, and cell.

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