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Its Summer Time

Posted on: August 4, 2010

Its summertime and the weather is fine…(half the time – and wet & rainy the other half). This is the week after the summer workshop and my summer vacation has finally officially begun.

I look forward to heading back to school in late August, but for now I am enjoying my summer vacation.


1 Response to "Its Summer Time"

Dear Ms Celestine,
First let me congratulate your exemplary stride to integrate instructional technology in very complex academic areas of study and germinating the seeds of global citizenship.
Secondly, I wish to cultivate my academic/economic support of the Northeast region in progressive measures. As a social science educator (K_12 grades) I am available (online/snail mail) for any proactive academic collaboration. My personal motivation is linked to some authentic historic sentiments that I ought to share with you – if you decide to further this transparent potential academic liasion:
I was a North East cadet (supervised by Dominica Defense Forces) who attended some bivouacs with detachments from all over Dominica. A former Dominica Prime Minister who died in office was aso a cadet at that time..
I never knew the hon. minister personally, but during my university studies some years ago I read up on his heroic efforts to right Dominica’s economy. I remembered how being a Dominica Cadet bridged the gap between teenager and responsible young adult -for me. I emigrated to the US with a veneer of determination , courage and resiliency. I realized the source of these character traits-much later.
The fortitude of the former minister to serve Dominica -knowing he was in ill health is proof positive what cadet discipline can instill in youth.

There you have it- my historical sentimental bookends on a fine bookshelf of nature infused learning experiences across the verdant Emerald Isle of Dominica- especially my adopted home region that is the Northeast.
I need to participate in the progressive future of the Northeast in true altruistic spirit-
The first step for me is to buddy with a fellow educator like you- who is a major Corinthian column in the Northeast’s premier learning community.
My social science practice complements your science initiatives. I have said a lot and in this scripted “twitter” advanced world- this can be a throwback if not setback.

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